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PayPal Hits 100 Million Active Users

Paypal has just reached over 100 million active users. PayPal has been grabbing about 1 million active users each month, although the term ‘active’ was not defined by them, I would guess the term to mean any activity within the past 30 days, though PayPal could have meant past 6 months, or one year.

PayPal joined eBay on October 3rd of 2002 and now accounts for 30% of eBay’s total revenue. In the first quarter of 2011, PayPal earned $1 billion in revenue for eBay (these are profits taken from every PayPal transaction that occurs on eBay).

A whopping total of $10 million in mobile transactions were also made through PayPal with 8 million regular customers making mobile phone purchases.

I enjoy using PayPal to make purchases online but do not like receiving money through the platform as they take a chunk of it out! How do you feel about the service? Reach out to us on Twitter (@techmento) or through facebook (www.facebook.com/techmento) and let us know your feelings. In the meantime, no special video to celebrate the milestone, but check out the video about using the mobile PayPal platform.

Photo Courtesy of jeanxo
Photo Courtesy of niallk