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Four Reasons The iPhone 5 Will Dominate

Apple reinvented the mobile phone, and revolutionized the smartphone when it introduced the iPhone. It has been surpassed in overall market share by the Android OS, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is a worthy challenger as well, but this fall Apple has an opportunity to set the bar for the industry once again, and leave the competition in the dust with the iPhone 5.The following factors strongly support this thought:

1. Verizon – The iPhone 5 will be the first new iPhone model introduced since the exclusivity with AT&T ended (no, the white iPhone does not count–not even a little). The Verizon iPhone 4 has been a huge success anyway, but many Verizon customers held off knowing that a new iPhone is just around the corner, and not wanting to be shackled to an iPhone 4 with 18 months left on the contract.

2. iOS 5-The new iOS has finally freed the iPhone from the PC-syncing and updating wirelessly instead of requiring a physical connection to a USB port. The improvements in the iOS mail client, the addition of iMessage,and the behavior of the Notification Center will contribute to the success of the iPhone 5.

3. iCloud– iCloud enables effortless, seamless syncing of email, files, music, contacts, calendars, and other content between the iPhone, iPad, and Windows or Mac PCs.

4. The Camera -The smartphone is quickly replacing the point and shoot, and emerging as the camera of choice for most consumers. It has already put the nail in the coffin of the Flip video camera.

But, just the things we already know for a fact are enough to make the iPhone 5 the king of the hill and leave all smartphone competitors playing catch-up.It will be like June of 2007 all over again.

Photo Courtesy of timdifford
Photo Courtesy of Undertow851

  • Awsan

    camera forgot he n8? os forgot android,meego,windoiws mobile AT&T is only for usa so that doesnt count cloud loooooool google started it