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10 Military Newspapers Taken Down In A Single Hack

We all remember President Obama threatening the public a few months ago. He basically said that he would take any cyber attack against the US government very seriously and may even counter attack with force.

Well, it seems like a hacker may have found a loophole into attacking the US government, that is, by attacking Government Newspaper publications. 10 military newspapers were hacked earlier this month and just yesterday the military had admitted the hacks.

The affected newspapers were: DefenseNews, the Military Times, the Federal Times, the Army Times, the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Journal, the Armed Forces Journal, the Navy Times, the Air Force Times, the Marine Corps Times.

The parent company, Gannett, says it has hired an outside computer forensics company to investigate the attacks further and help make their platforms have better security.

Data that was accessed included names, passwords, and e-mail addresses of both active and retired military personnel. I can only hope that the victims were smart enough to use different passwords for their bank accounts.

With ongoing attacks like these, it is clear that the disbanding of LulzSec had little to do with other hacking groups, let alone hackers. I always hope that other companies will takes these hacks as something to learn from and immediately work on improving their network security, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. How many attacks will it take before people come to their senses?

Photo Courtesy of army
Photo Courtesy of camknows