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Bell Canada Gets Slammed With $10M Fine

Canada’s Competition Bureau has just slammed the telecommunications provider, Bell Canada with a $10M fine in response to Bell’s advertising practices. The Bureau accused the telecom giant of misleading advertising for a wide range of products.

It turns our that the company was routinely charging customers higher prices than advertised, usually by at least 15% and hiding extra fees in the fine print. Fees such as necessary add-ons, modem rental, TouchTone, and TV services were hidden in the fine print.

While that’s the entire purpose of fine print, to ‘read it’ it gets a little messy when it’s on a billboard and you’re driving on your way to work. My guess is that someone on the committee felt duped from the ad and decided to go after the company itself.

The bureau firmly believes that when a price is displayed to customers, it should be accurate. Bell Canada argued back that it disagrees with the position and they have not broken any laws yet they are willing to pay the $10 million fine to settle the issue. The agreement also requires Bell Canada to change its advertising within 60 days.

I guess the next time I am wrongfully accused, I will argue for a few minutes and then pay whatever fee is requested, right? Wait, what?

Photo Courtesy of homeforgood
Photo Courtesy of caribb