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Gamevil Invests $10M To Partner With US Developers

South Korean mobile game developer, Gamevil is aiming to tap into the US market and has today announced that it will invest $10 million in US partnerships with American game developers. The end goal, of course, is for Gamevil to deliver their high quality game titles to popular smartphone operating systems.

With smartphones becoming ever increasing, it’s hard not to know someone without an iPhone, Windows Phone, or Android device. Although a South Korean company, its headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California.

The company’s biggest titles include Cartoon Wars, Cartoon Wars Gunner, and Cartoon Wars 2, which all carry an enormous fan base. And these days, games spread by word of mouth. I for one, rant about every game I fall in love with and ensure that my friends at least check it out to see if they agree.

Since the end of 2010, Gamevil has already partnered up with ten external game developers in the United States and has published popular titles such as Air Penguin, Chalk n Talk, TouchMix, and Train City. Air Penguin enjoyed the top spot on Apple’s App store for a while too.

We can only wish the game developer much luck in its increasing hunger to snag more of the US market with its awesome mobile games. Check out the video below to catch a glimpse of Air Penguin, the game that made them famous!

Photo Courtesy of gamevil