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Intel On The Forefront Of Green Technology

Thankfully, it doesn’t look like Google is the only one leading the pack on green technology. Intel is ramping up efforts to decrease its carbon footprint as well. Intel plans to focus on the monitoring the following areas and how its facilities affect them.

The areas of focus include energy, weather, climate, water, air quality, extreme events, agriculture, and transportation. Although it is unclear exactly what Intel plans to do in the aforementioned areas, the company will definitely focus on sustainability for its buildings.

The computer processor giant has already developed smart buildings, with a proof of concept building project in France, that generates more electricity than it uses. Intel hopes to create many more smart buildings that create positive energy. Perhaps to help bring power to other needed areas.

Intel also has big plans for weather modeling. Specifically, the company plans on working with the National Center for Atmospheric Research to work on better weather predictions, and how to prevent disasters such as tornadoes and flash floods.

Given Intel’s advanced work on computer chips and architecture, I am confident that the company can do much good for planet Earth if it puts its mind to it. Making environmental awareness a top priority these days is essential if we plan on continuing our existence as humans on this planet. Check out the video below to see one way Intel is working on green technology.

Photo Courtesy of gruber
Photo Courtesy of anathea