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A Ring-Embedded Computer Mouse From MicroPointing

Micropointing, an Israeli startup company has just come up with a miniature mouse, although this is probably not the mini mouse you’re thinking of. This mini mouse has a sensor control area that is a single square millimeter.

The touchpad? Embedded in a ring. No, this isn’t some Lord of the Rings joke, this is technology at its finest. The sensors are mounted on micro-sized posts that are a few tenths of a millimeter apart from eachother.

With this mini mouse, you’ll never look weird playing with your ring again. Users will be able to swipe through pages or “scroll” by stroking their thumb on the ring. I believe clicking takes place by pressing one of the micro-sized posts.

The ring works on a secret algorithm allowing the ring to ‘sense’ the force of your fingertips. The two man team is run by the CEO, Ailon Tamir, and the CTO, Vladimir Muzykovski. Tamir has significant experience in research and development for optics, acoustics, and sensor development. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration.

Muzykovski has many years of R&D experience in the fields of measurements, fourier spectroscopy, and optics, as well as complex algorithm development. He won the Nova 2007 award for the best scientific work of the year.

Photo Courtesy of dekuwa