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Tesco Brings Virtual Shopping To Subway Stations

Tesco, known as Fresh & Easy in America, and Home Plus in South Korea has come up with the concept to use photos of grocery products, as well as QR codes. The grocery products will be displayed on billboards, subway stations, and users will simply have to scan the image using the camera on their smartphone and add the item to their virtual basket.

The users can also pay through the platform and have the items delivered to them on the same day. This means that working mothers can scan some vegetables, fruit, and a few other necessary products, continue on with their day and come home without having to visit the grocery store.

The main idea of course, is to save time and improve the lives of existing citizens. If the idea catches on, we could see this implemented in metropolitan areas in America such as San Francisco and New York City.

The only thing I fear if this thing catches on are the walls of subway stations being flooded with virtual store posters. I mean, how will the grocery stores compete over which walls to cover? Will it be like renting a billboard space?

Photo Courtesy of osde
Photo Courtesy of cj