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Work And Exercise Simultaneously At Your Office!

Having trouble shedding those pounds? Wish you had extra hours in the day to hit the gym? We know the feeling. Well, we may have a solution for you, although I have to admit, it doesn’t come cheap.

A company named Hammacher Schlemmer has created an awesome new exercise machine that lets you get an elliptical workout while creating those Excel spreadsheets your boss asked for.

The company claims the average employee can burn 4,000 calories in a week or about 800 calories per day. At $8,000, I don’t think you’ll have many takers, but wait till the price comes down in a couple years, hopefully down to $1,500- and I think you’ll have some companies jumping on board.

My prediction is that major companies like Google would be the first to adopt the exercise machines, and of course the office temperature would have to be around 5-10 degrees cooler to prevent employees from sweating.

We can only hope that more competitors will enter the market to create similar exercise machines so we can see a reduction in price. Not only this, but we will have to find some eco-friendly way to keep offices cool (around 65F) in order to prevent employees from sweating. After all, I’d imagine it’d be hard to concentrate on your work if you’re working a sweat-soaked shirt.

Photo Courtesy of tgdaily
Photo Courtesy of tgdaily