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British Hackers Strike Back, Hit Al-Qaeda

A group of British hackers too down Al-Qaeda’s communication network and websites which prevented the terrorist organization from posting online messages and videos. The attacks actually started a few days ago and have temporarily postponed the group’s activities.

The attacks followed similar attacks earlier in the month when British intelligence officers replaced Al-Qaeda’s bomb-making recipes with cupcake recipes. Analysts believe that Al-Qaeda will get its websites back online within the next few days due to the sophisticated techniques to take the websites down.

Some also believe that the week’s attacks were government sponsored, perhaps they cut a break to some members they found tied with the LulzSec group?

Even after these attacks against Al-Qaeda though, I am not sure I am ready to be fast and forgiving against hackers as a whole. They still exposed many peoples’ personal information in those attacks and probably sped up the process of people getting their banking information stolen.

So, until hackers become more aggressive towards terrorist groups, and for a longer period of time, I’ll stay happy with my feelings towards them. What do you think about the recent attacks? Drop us a few lines @techmento or follow us on Facebook!

Photo Courtesy of jdubfudge
Photo Courtesy of sitharus