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Chinese Social Platform, Sina Weibo Gets A Worm

A popular social media service in China with 140 million active users was hit by a worm earlier this week that is similar to MySpace and Twitter worms that have been unleashed in the past. The worm first appeared on Tuesday night on Beijing time.

The affected posts displayed a malicious link with enticing messages such as “Software to listen to other people’s phones.” The link would then re-post and send out private messages circulating the link once again every time it was clicked.

This is called a worm because it has a particular way of ‘reproducing’- through a host, which is you if you decided to click such a link. Since the worm was spreading through a web page exploit, it was fortunately stopped on the same night just an hour later, and I wish we reacted that quickly to stopping viruses from spreading.

Fortunately, only tens of thousands of people were affected (out of 140 million) and Sina Weibo (the social media site) was lucky to have discovered the threat and having acted upon it so quickly.

Photo Courtesy of greenasian
Photo Courtesy of cogdog