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Geocopter Presents First Unmanned Helicopter

The GC-201 from Geocopter allows the US military to use unmanned helicopters for stealth missions. Designed and built like a normal helicopter, the GC-201 features a twin gas turbine engine propulsion system, lightweight carbon fiber fuselage and full automatic takeoff, mission, and landing capabilities.

It can cruise at 46MPH and can fly as high as 6,500 feet. The GC-201 carries a 66 pound sensor payload that brings its original weight to nearly 200 pounds. With the sensor payload attached, the helicopter can remain in flight only for about three hours, perfect for short missions.

The small chopper can also alternate between fully automatic and semi-automatic controls, allowing itself to be easily switched in-flight.

Weighing as heavily as it does, I’d be worried about flying this thing near water as it could easily transform into a 200 pound bowling ball if something were to go wrong with the propellers.

The helicopter represents an important milestone for Geocopter, as it is the first unmanned helicopter that has been produced. We expect it to join military forces in the coming months to aid in government led missions.

We also hope that the helicopter will come in blue colors to better camouflage itself.

Photo Courtesy of gizmag
Photo Courtesy of gizmag