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How Will The iPhone 5 Compare To The Nexus 4G?

While rumors and speculation still surround Apple’s next generation iPhone handset – the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5, depending on whom you believe – other cell phone manufacturers continue to develop newer, faster handsets to compete in the marketplace.

Now, a leak took the wraps off what is being called the Nexus 4G – Google’s next flagship Android handset which is scheduled for launch sometime in November 2011. Let’s take a brief look at how these handsets will stack up against one another.

iPhone5 is rumored to be packing a dual-core processor, which is likely a derivative of the A5 processor currently powering the iPad 2. The next iPhone likely will have 1GB of RAM. And talking about the display, most believe that the physical size of the display will grow to somewhere around 4” total.

If it truly is launching just a month after the next iPhone, the Nexus 4G could end up a serious competitor. The processor is expected to be a dual-core processor running somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.2 to 1.5 GHz. The phone will most likely ship with 1GB of RAM as well. Rounding out the rest of the rumored specs, the phone will have a 720p HD display and a front/rear camera combination which will probably be 1 megapixel and 5 megapixels respectively.

Apple took the wraps off of iOS 5 at the recent Worldwide Developers’ Conference, with most of the major announcements showing off huge improvements in daily-use items like notifications. The Nexus 4G will most likely ship with Android 4.0 – code named “Ice Cream Sandwich”.

Without knowing more about Apple’s plans for the next handset, it’s tough to say whether or not the Nexus 4G will be an “iPhone 5 killer”. What is clear is that in the end, we’re all benefiting from the heavy competition playing out in the marketplace between Apple and Google, with better and better handsets coming out each year.

Photo Courtesy of Graeme’s Pixs
Photo Courtesy of dav4286