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Leaked: HTC Eternity With Windows Phone 7

It looks like the HTC Eternity (pictured top only) might be Windows Phone 7 big break into the mobile community. From its massive 4.7″ touchscreen display, to its 1.5GHz processor. The Mango update can only sweeten the deal.

Supplied with a sharp 8MP camera, plenty of storage (16GB internal), and DLNA capabilities, this phone will be able to shoot all the 720p video to your hearts content. HTC is known for delivering high quality phones to the market and they rarely disappoint.

Although HTC is well known for releasing Android phones, we will have to see how this Windows Phone 7 will match up. And what about Windows 8 that is due on mobile devices next year?

Do you think the specs will remain the same when Windows 8 rolls out or is HTC going to try and slam a 2GHz processor in their new phones?

Just going by the looks, the Eternity seems to be a rather simplistic looking phone, having three sensor buttons on the front (a back button, a start button, and a search button) leaves all confusion aside.

I believe it will have a swivel out keyboard but I am not entire sure. If it doesn’t, that means users will have to be comfortable typing on a virtual keyboard- which is hard for some bigger fingers. Will this HTC be the one for you?

Photo Courtesy of engadget
Photo Courtesy of mbera