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Night-Vision Lenses Aided Osama Kill Team ?

A lot has been talked about the sophisticated weapons used by the US forces, especially the SEAL Team 6 that was part of Operation Geronimo in Abbottabad to kill former al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden.

Rumours have it that one of the ultra-modern technologies that the team used to kill Laden was something as taken straight from a sci-fi thriller – night-vision contact lenses.

Night Vision Goggles (NVG) technology has advanced quickly over the last decade. Right now, the most advanced set-ups are panoramic models that use four 16 mm image intensifiers tubes, which provides a 100 degrees horizontal by 40 degrees vertical field of view.

These are still limited, however. While they are better than the standard NVGs, they are quite heavy and still don’t provide the natural field of view, ideal for use in a war-like situation.

The night-vision contacts, however, are almost sci-fi material. People have been speculating about this technology for almost a decade, so perhaps they exist in some hidden Area 51 lab.

If anyone has access to these, that would be the SEALs from Team 6. We already know that these guys have access to advanced, completely unknown technology like stealth helicopters.

Photo Courtesy of geoffoldred
Photo Courtesy of The U.S. Army