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Why Is Thunderbolt So Expensive?

We’ve all heard about Apple’s blazing faster Thunderbolt technology, but we also know that the speedy tech comes at a cost, $49 for a thunderbolt cable to be exact. At first, it just seemed that Apple was taking advantage of owning proprietary hardware, but then we got a closer look on why the cable is so expensive.

So what costs so much in the thunderbolt cable? Well, surprisingly it’s right by the port of the cord, where there is a small Gennum chip. This chip allows the data to reach a full duplex 10Gbps speed.

Now, sure Apple may be using their brand to make the cable a bit more expensive than it needs to be, but at least now you know it isn’t all hogwash.

In either case, consumers around the world are hoping that Apple will come to its senses and lower the price on Thunderbolt technology. After all, how are you supposed to adopt a new tech if it’s too expensive to even give it a shot?

Of course, $49 is about 10 days worth of Starbucks drinks, so you could switch to water for ten days and then splurge on Thunderbolt.

Photo Courtesy of helepon
Photo Courtesy of yum9me

  • Nospam

    The cable is the least of it. If it were just the cable being over priced I’d be ecstatic. It’s the overpriced drive enclosures using SATA drives which top out at 6 Gbit/s.

  • Jake Lancaster

    i will say a thunderbolt port looks a heck of a lot nicer than a VGA cable like most PC’s have.