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Turn Your Android Phone Into A 64GB iPod

Samsung has just released 32GB microSD cards. These are the same microSD cards that fit into your cell phones, and provide you with an extra 32GB of memory on top of any on board memory you have, or any SD card that is currently installed.

The tiny chips write at 12Mbps and read at 24Mbps which represents read and write speeds 2x faster than traditional Class 4 microSD cards. If you’ve got an Android device, just get an MP3 player app from the app store, load up some awesome tunes onto your device and enjoy!

With 32GB of memory, you can store roughly 8,000 songs on your Android phone, imagine that! These bad boys are expected to hit US markets later this year, with a 64GB (16,000 songs or X hours of video) version well on its way for a 2012 release.

So, who says you need to lug around both an mp3 player, PSP, and phone? Just buy some Android games, load up those songs, and take calls when you need to, all in one device.

It’s time we streamline technology to meet OUR needs, and not the other way around, capisce?

Photo Courtesy of LGEPR
Photo Courtesy of geekygadgets