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Articles Archive for July 2011

Car Security System By Intel

Now a days car theft is everyone’s problem. When people come back from work or home to their parked cars, they find their car hit by something or damaged. In some cases they don’t even find their car parked there at all.

Intel has heard the cries of such victims. Intel has come up with a Car Security System which involves an application which notifies the driver of the car if something has hit the car with sufficient force, or even if someone is trying to steal the car.

Survey Depicts Popularity Of iPhone 5

So far, Apple has not given any clue regarding the release of its new iPhone 5 except what we have from anonymous resources. Even at the Worldwide Developers Conference held in June, Apple remained silent regarding the rumors about the new device.

However, this new iPhone is widely anticipated by the US as well as international consumers. A survey was conducted by PriceGrabbar recently, which showed people’s interest in the new i-device. According to a CNET report, 35% of US consumers are willing to buy the new iPhone after its release. The study in which about 2852 people participated, was conducted in early July.

Gmail Updated Version For Android

Google has released the latest version 2.3.5 of Gmail for Android phones. The previous application just redirected your mails from Gmail to your Android phones. But this new version has some marvellous updates.

One of the best features of this new version is the selection of specific labels. You can label a specific sender which will allow you to get a notification only when that labelled user has sent you a mail. In short, you won’t be bothered by getting a notification every time you receive an email on Gmail.

Raspberry Pi Minicomputer In Alpha Production Stage

Raspberry had declared to launch a Pi Minicomputer a couple of months ago. The word is that all the structure, design and PCB layout of the Raspberry Pi minicomputer have been finalized and finally it has stepped into Production Stage.

Raspberry Pi minicomputer is a cheap computer for today’s younger generation. These minicomputers comprise of the kit computers from the early 1980s and ’70s. The basic reason for the production of these minicomputers is to introduce the world of computers, science and programming to the kids.

PayPal Gives 1,000 Anonymous IPs To FBI

PayPal was attacked last year by an Anonymous Group of hackers after PayPal froze the account of Wikileaks. After such long period, PayPal has finally decided to take action against the hacking attempt.

The hackers left behind sufficient data to be traced. PayPal has given FBI a list of 1,000 IP addresses. PayPal has declared that these IP addresses were linked to the hacking which occurred last year.

Nobody knows how useful the IP addresses, for tracking the hackers might be. As the attack was Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

Verbatim Launching Attractive USB 3.0 HDD

The trend of switching from internal Hard Drive to External is growing rapidly. People prefer to buy an external Drive so that they might be able to carry Gigabytes of data with them wherever they go.

Many companies have launched such external hard drives but people still have issues with the colour, shape and the look of their hard drives. People would obviously prefer brightly coloured and impressive looking external hard drives.

Keeping in mind this requirement of people, Verbatim has launched a new USB 3.0 HDD

Announce Your Unborn Child On Facebook

Facebook improved the ‘Friends and Family’ options by adding a new feature to those who expect a child. The new option in the profile allows an expectant mother to add their expected baby to the family circle.

The parents can even choose a name for the unborn baby. The due date can also be added along with the name under the “Friends and Family” tab. However it doesn’t require a new profile to be created for the child.

First 3D-Printed Plane Goes Through Test Flight!

The world’s first 3D printed plane made it to the skies. It is called Eosint P730 and is made by nylon laser sintering using a 3D-objects printer made up by students of the Southampton University. It basically is an unmanned aerospace vehicle (UAV).

The Eosint is a duplicate of the SULSA -the distinctive aircraft was used during the World War 2, which made it the number one contender for the Eosint to take form.

AT&T To Thwart Speeds Of Excessive Data Eaters

AT&T’s unlimited data plan had been very successful, but on the other hand, it also hurt AT&T to some extent. Therefore, on release of the iPhone 4 AT&T canceled its new unlimited data plans but retained it for those who were already using unlimited plan.

Those users had been in pure bliss enjoying unlimited speeds without any contravention. But their experience is going to change on October 1st.

Facebook Offering Bounty For Every Bug Found

Looks like Facebook is too tired of bugs which strike the social networking site often. Recently Facebook eliminated a bug with video privacy settings after it lasted for the whole week.

Obviously, Facebook doesn’t want to lose their current top spot among social networking websites so the company is keen to keep the website fully functional to avoid any angry users.