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Acer Working On Slideout Android Tablet, Yay!

I am a huge fan of tablets, and am also a huge fan of the Android operating system, so when I hear that there is a new Android tablet, I go a little crazy. According to Digitimes, Acer is working on a slideout Android tablet (not pictured). No clue on whether the QWERTY keyboard will be similar to a laptop keyboard or not, but I am really hoping it will have laptop-style keys.

Aside from having a 10″ screen, we are told that it will be fueled by an ARM processor and will be manufactured by Compal Electronics. Although we are unsure of the exact storage, I would guess that the base model will come with 16GB of storage and start around $450.

We will be sure to post the exact specs with photos and an expected time arrival as more information is leaked, assuming we won’t have to wait for a press release from the company itself.

Acer is known to put out high quality computer products, and I’ve owned a variety of laptops, LCD screens, and products from them- all which have tested time. The only thing left to hope for is that these tablets drop down in price (around $300, as many netbooks are).

Photo Courtesy of luis
Photo Courtesy of verma