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Mozilla Assembly Line: Firefox 6 And Firefox 7 Almost Here

This is possibly the most embarrassing bit of news I had to deliver. Let me explain why. Firefox has seem to gone downhill ever since Firefox 4 was released. Although I haven’t had many problems on 32-bit operating systems, I have tons of problems on 64-bit operating systems- having the browser crash about 5 times per week.

The mobile version isn’t too good either, and received immediate negative feedback when Firefox 4 was launched for the mobile platform.

Mozilla (the maker of Firefox) has this idea that quantity is better than quality and they are pumping out version after version without much focus on quality. Rather than a continuously improved product such as Google Chrome, you are seeing a bunch of rehashed versions of the failed browser.

With all that said, Firefox 6 will be arriving on July 5th into the beta phase with Firefox 7 entering Aurora testing on the same day. Again, to be clear, Firefox no longer has automatic updates, so if you use the browser, you are forced to upgrade to the latest one if you want to bypass security threats.

If you’re open to the idea of switching browsers, I highly recommend Google Chrome for a non-gimmicky experience. If you use Firefox, let us know how version 6 is when it comes out!

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