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Super Moon LED Lamp, A Japanese Symbol Of Hope

A Japanese design studio by the name of Nosigner has created a 3D Lunar Lamp that is illuminated by a LED bulb. The lamp was designed to commemorate the earthquake and tsunami tragedy and looks like a beautiful full moon.

The lamp was first exhibited at a Los Angeles, California design event. The lamp is meant to replicate what the Super Moon looks like (how the moon appeared during the tsunami).

The detail was created from satellite images, giving designers an accurate map of the lunar surface with all the craters located on it. Nosigner sought to make the lamp a symbol of hope for the nation as it continues to rebuild iteself.

Nosigner mentioned in a newspaper that “Every one of [the] Japanese who [was] wounded by the earthquake prayed to the super moon.” No word on whether the lamp will be or can be mass produced (for it is in great detail) and whether the proceeds will go to Red Cross, but I sure hope something like this can be arranged.

There are still ‘giving sales’ in stores such as Cost Plus where a significant portion of sales go to the victims struck by the Tsunami or affected by the earthquake. Our wishes go out to all the folks affected.

Photo Courtesy of inhabitat
Photo Courtesy of inhabitat