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BitTorrent Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary

A programmer by the name of Bram Cohen invented something very special 10 years ago, the first peer-to-peer BitTorrent protocol, in April of 2011.

Just three months later he posted “My new app, BitTorrent, is now in working order” on Yahoo Groups, along with a URL.

Cohen wrote the first BitTorrent client in Python, and while it received a very slow welcoming, it was just years later when the platform really took off.

People began ‘torrenting’ ebooks, music in full discographies, and DVDs all through the network, and safer than traditional p2p programs like KaZaA and LimeWire. When you start a torrent download, you basically download a certain set of random segments of whatever it is you are downloading, from many different people. This technique makes it a lot harder to trace than straight up sharing.

‘Seeding’ is the act of having files that other people can download from, and seeders are usually the ones that get in the most trouble, for they are distributing copyrighted (usually) content. Leechers carry less risk in the whole process, but the RIAA and MPAA have really struck down in recent years.

In February of 2009, torrenting accounted for 40 percent of all Internet traffic, and remains to be a highly common way of obtaining data, although often illegal. But for better or for worse, the technology was revolutionary, and for that, we should all tip off our hats to Cohen. In memory of the concept of sharing, please share this article and pass it on!

Photo Courtesy of kasper
Photo Courtesy of benD