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Cardboard Vacuum Cleaner Is One Green Machine!

If you were in doubt about certain appliances going ‘green’ you may be surprised by this article. We’ve recently caught a glimpse of a cardboard vacuum cleaner called the Vax. The concept was originally designed by Jake Tyler from Loughborough University.

The vaccum cleaner is supposedly a centerfold of sustainability, although I can’t speak volumes on whether it’s a machine that will last you through the years. After all, I can’t imagine holding up well to years of continuous humidity or heck, even a nearby leak.

The coolest part of this vacuum cleaner is that it is made of the same exact materials of the box it gets shipped from. All it takes is for the user to pop the panels into place in order to use. No messy glues, and no IKEA instructions to read.

Although I wouldn’t be surprised if IKEA made a similar vacuum to this too, haha. The company, Vax will originally do a limited run and see how it fairs. If it’s profitable and if the idea catches on, it is likely to become a widespread household appliance.

The real question is, will people take it seriously enough to buy it over a heavy duty vacuum cleaner? Well, if it’s targeted for the budget household, I don’t think there will be much to worry about!

Photo Courtesy of technabob
Photo Courtesy of technabob