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Facebook’s Awesome New Feature, Video Chatting?

After covering Facebook’s awesome new feature just a day ago, we have new clues on what the new feature might entail for Facebook users around the world.

According to internal sources, there will be a Skype powered in-browser video chat embedded in the Facebook page, so when you log in, you’ll able to take your “facebooking” to a whole new level.

Skype has worked with Facebook before to offer free calling through the platform, and it seems like the partnership will prove a strong one for those who want to stay in touch with their friends, in a media rich context.

This is likely to boost Skype’s business significantly given the enormous user base that Facebook benefits from, and Facebook gets even more social, taking the concept of social media to an entirely new level.

Shoot, how can you get more social than video chatting besides actually driving to your friend’s house and speaking to them in person? In either case, this seems like one rumor that holds a lot of weight.

The only thing left to worry about is on Google’s part, and that worry is how to integrate this feature in the upcoming Google+. It’s a game of cat and mouse, indeed, and more reason to get a tablet with dual cameras.

Photo Courtesy of techi
Photo Courtesy of wilber