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AntiSec Hacked Into Apple Servers ?

According to AntiSec’s Twitter update, they’ve recently hacked into Apple’s servers and obtained user data including passwords. AntiSec used a pretty known and easy method of “SQL injection” to obtain user data from Apple’s servers. And this not for the first time. LulzSec also previously claimed to hack Apple’s new iCloud service.

“AntiSec”, a hacking campaign that includes hackers from both the online vigilante group Anonymous and hackers from the now-defunct Lulz Security, posted a document containing a link to a supposed Apple server along with a list of 26 administrative usernames and passwords. AntiSec is Internet shorthand for “anti-security.”

The hackers gained access to Apple’s severs due to a security flaw in Apple’s software that is used by the Cupertino, California based gadget maker and other companies. However, the hacker group stated that they are focused elsewhere and there is nothing to worry about Apple as of now, but it could be a target in the near future.

The group released the document which contains a link to an Apple server and a list of 26 administrative usernames and passwords on its website.

If both the claims are authentic then Apple seriously needs to secure their servers. Apple’s App Store contains credit card data of more than 100 Million users which could be at risk. There’s no official statement from Apple on this latest hack attack as yet.

Apple is due to release its anticipated iPhone 5 and iPad 3 later this year. The latest hack may affect the devices’ launch date.

We will keep you updated on this, stay tuned!

Photo Courtesy of PitsLamp photography
Photo Courtesy of gaelx