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Google Temporarily Disables ‘Realtime’ Search

Google Inc. has temporarily shut down a search engine feature that allows users to find real-time updates from Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed and other social networking sites.

Particularly useful in ‘breaking news’ scenarios, the feature was given its own URL and additional features last summer. Now Google has announced that it’s been taken offline for the time being, noting in a tweet “We’ve temporarily disabled google.com/realtime. We’re exploring how to incorporate Google+ into this functionality, so stay tuned.”

We’re not quite sure why Realtime would have to be completely taken offline in order to investigate integrating Google+ results, but it certainly demonstrates that Google is keen to make its new service as integrated as possible with other parts of its product portfolio.

Google Realtime maybe not the most popular Google service, but is useful as an alternative to Twitter’s search engine.

It’s likely that Google Realtime had to be redesigned, but Google didn’t want to delay the launch of the new interface until they’re ready. When Google Instant was launched, many of the advanced features were not available, but some of them were added after a few weeks.

It’s fair to assume that only public posts, rather than those posted to specific Circles, will be searchable. Indeed, public Google+ posts already turn up in regular Google search results. The question that remains to be answer is whether will Google let rival search engines like Bing access its real-time flow of Plus data?

Photo Courtesy of andrewarchy
Photo Courtesy of Abllo™