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Apple To Decide On Google Plus App

Google has asked Apple to approve a mobile version of its social networking site Google Plus for iPhones and iPads.

Google has a mobile web version of Google+ that runs pretty well on the iPhone (and is accessible by other smartphone browsers). But a genuine iPhone app would undoubtedly be faster and offer more features (like notification messages), that would give iPhone users a similar experience to the existing Google Plus Android app.

We knew the iPhone app was coming soon, but we didn’t think the iOS app was already completed and submitted to Apple for approval. Based on previous experience with the approval process, we believe that the Google Plus iOS app will debut sometime in the next two weeks.Apple hasn’t yet commented on when or if the Google Plus app will appear in the App Store, but it does screen all apps before ultimately approving well over ninety percent of them.

There’s little reason to believe the app won’t be approved shortly.

While Apple and Google have become bitter rivals in the iPhone-Android battle, Google Plus does not appear to be a direct competitor to Apple, unless you count Apple’s iTunes Ping social network which launched last year to little mainstream effect.

After launching last week, Google Plus has generated a surprising amount of buzz for a social service coming out of the search giant.

When Google Plus invites were first opened up last week, the company had to put a squash to them due to “insane demand.” That’s certainly a good sign for Google, and it already seems clear that Plus will avoid the fate of Buzz and Wave.

Photo Courtesy of aminorjourney
Photo Courtesy of kevinthoule