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Go Full Speed With Corsair Force GT SSD

While 2.5″ hard disk drives are certainly small, they aren’t always the fastest out of the bunch. If you’re looking for real speed and increased data dependability, you might want to look into solid state drives. The new Corsair Force GT (pictured top) is a SATA III drive that offers 550Mbps read and 5xx write speeds.

It even comes in an unusual red coating, which makes it stand out in comparison to similar drives. Although fast, the drives do not come cheap as solid-state technology remains to be ‘the latest & greatest’ in storage media.

That said, a 60GB drive is going to run you $149 with the 120GB version setting you back to $279. Fortunately, the drives also ship with a 3.5″ converter if you prefer to use this in one of your 3.5″ bays in your desktop PC.

While solid state drives do offer added protection against corrupted data, it’s not very useful unless your computer gets bumped around a lot (say from an anxious dog).

With stationary PCs, you don’t really have to worry about the moving parts of a traditional hard disk drive. In terms of speed, solid state drives will shave about 30% off your boot time, but aside from that, you won’t notice anything too crazy, at least not to justify the price difference. Try to give that line to a computer enthusiast, though.

Photo Courtesy of netbooknews