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Google Pay-Per-View Video App Almost Ready!

Android phone and tablet users will soon get their very own app that will let them watch videos on demand. The new Google Video service will compete with current companies Netflix and Hulu in the entertainment industry.

While Hulu will still be the #1 choice for streaming the latest television shows, and Netflix will be good for those occasional independent films, Google Videos are expected to fill the entertainment gap for the average consumer.

A launch is expected to come very soon, and developers are supposedly just working on some finishing touches at the moment. Just over a month ago, the company promised to deliver the app ‘soon’, and it looks like it’s almost ready.

Now, I guess you could say the one drawback to the new service is that users will have to pay per video, rather than a fixed fee each month for unlimited viewing content. Whether this turns out to be good or bad will depend on a host of factors, at least for me. One factor is price. If the price is reasonable, I would pay $1 to watch older videos and $2 or $3 to watch same-year releases.

Another large factor is selection. If these are videos that I can’t find on Hulu or Netflix, then Google Videos will have something to offer me. These two things are extremely important if the service is to be successful. A target consumer base? I would guess business users or consumers ‘on the run’- yet near a WiFi connection to stream the video. I doubt users are going to want to run through their data allowances on a single movie. Oh, and rooted tablets and phones will be unable to use the service, so be aware.

Photo Courtesy of dullhunk
Photo Courtesy of frostwire