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Mark Zuckerberg Most Followed User On Google Plus

In an odd twist, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, is the most followed user on Google’s new social network Google Plus.

Zuckerberg has gained as of this post 21,213 followers, more than both Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Co-Founders of Google and Vic Gundotra the Senior Vice-President of Social for Google.While this may seem a little odd for a service coming from Google, this is likely mostly to do with several tech blogs reporting of Zuckerberg’s presence on the service.

According to the Google+ Statistics counter, Mark Zuckerberg is at number one postion with 21,213 followers, followed by at #2 Larry Page 14,798, and Sergey Brin at #4 with 11,629 fan following.

Other googlers Vic Gundotra at 13,783, blogger Robert Scoble at 11,389, Google spam avenger Matt Cutts at 9,153, TWIT founder Leo Laporte at 7,566, Google’s Bradley Horowitz at 7,187.

Although Zuckerberg has not posted any content, his presence in competing service has attracted the attention of the first users of the new social project.

Facebook officials have declined to make any comment.

The only thing that Zuckerberg has offered is an expression of surprise that people are surprised that he is on Google+ at all. But that expression of surprise came in a text.

Does everyone has to take sides in this feisty sprint to Google+ popularity? It promises to be even more pulsating than the race between Lady Gaga and Barack Obama on Twitter.

Photo Courtesy of webtreats
Photo Courtesy of Jakob Steinschaden