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PlayStation Network To Be Fully Restored This Week

When the Sony’s PSN website was targeted by hackers back in April, the site was taken down with millions of users unable to access the service. The service was down for around a month in most of the world, but users in Japan are still waiting for the full service to come back online. But today we have some good news as the PlayStation Network is to finally be fully restored with Japan PS Store switch on.

Sony previously announced deadlines for recovery, including an announcement on April 21 that it might be “a full day or two” before PSN was restored.On May 1, Sony Executive Deputy President Kazuo Hirai promised restoration by the end of that week. Two weeks later, on May 14, the company announced the first phase of the network’s resumption. And most recently, Sony has promised full restoration by the end of the week.

The hack was the largest consumer data loss by a company, and brings to an end a tough time for Sony. Japanese users will once again have full access to all the functions of the PSN service.

Sony has established that hackers got past its firewalls and stole data from millions of registered accounts, which included email addresses, login and password details, and user names.

Sony has so far not been able to find any evidence of users financial data being accessed, but has offered identity insurance to users as part of its Welcome Back package.

Sony also announced that it was extending the ‘welcome back’ package of freebies it offered to users in compensation for the downtime.

The offer was initially supposed to have expired on July 3, but Sony has granted a day’s grace for anybody who hasn’t claimed their freebies yet.

Photo Courtesy of nic0
Photo Courtesy of HAMACHI!