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Most Powerful AIO, 32GB DDR3 RAM & 6TB Of Storage

Usually when you think of AIO (All-In-One’s) you think of a sleek and slender computer with the bare essentials to get you on your way. You’d probably expect a 128GB SSD, an Intel processor, and 4GB of RAM.

Having said that, I’d like you to meet the most powerful All-In-One of existence, brought to you by NextComputing. This is definitely not the computer you’re going to get to show off to your neighbors, that is, it’s aesthetically pleasing to look at, but once you read the spec sheet, all that goes out the window.

Starting with the very basics, you get a 17″ widescreen powered by an Intel Core i7 quad core or an Intel XEON E3-1200 CPU. Users can have up to 32GB of DDR3 memory installed and up to 6TB of storage.

Included graphics are brought to you by the two largest competitors in the industry, Nvidia and AMD and one of the reasons that this AIO isn’t slim is because there are four full-height PCI express slots available.

The AIO also includes an internal DVD+/-RW drive for any DVD burning you may need to do and is enclosed in its ultra tough chassis. This is the perfect AIO for you rugged users who need to bring all your data with you, wherever you go.

The only advice I have if you are considering this purchase, is to A)back up your data and B)have a powerful firewall & antivirus utility.

Photo Courtesy of techiser
Photo Courtesy of techiser