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Samsung Galaxy S II On Windows Platform ?

The Samsung Galaxy S II is easily one of the best Android smartphones out there right now. So you can imagine our excitement when we heard that Samsung might be working on a Windows Phone 7-version of the super-slim beast.

The Bluetooth SIG board, which tests new phones using the wireless specification before release, has seen the Samsung SGH-i937 pass through its labs, similar to the Samsung SGH-i927 (The Galaxy S II) and the Samsung SGH-i937 (also known as the Windows Phone 7-powered Focus).

Although it’s still a rumour, the possibility of a Galaxy S II/Windows Phone 7 mash-up is ground in reality, as it comes from a Bluetooth SIG listing.

But still,this new Windows Phone 7-powered handset’s specifications are rather elusive. Aside from the model number, there is no way to truly find out if this Window Phone handset comes with the same specifications of the Galaxy S II.

We can’t be alone in thinking that a Galaxy S II running Mango would be pretty amazing. Then again, the Nokia Sea Ray, at a glance, looks very much to be a Windows Phone 7’ed N9.

Should both these phones see the light of day, it’d make for an interesting comparison; both phones would have large Super AMOLED screens around the 4-inch mark (S II: 4.3-inches, N9: 3.9-inches) 8-megapixel cameras, 16GB of storage as standard.

Mango’s release is getting ever closer which means it won’t be long before manufacturers start to reveal their new hardware, so all our questions could soon be answered.

Photo Courtesy of carsten.knobloch
Photo Courtesy of carsten.knobloch