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Toshiba Qosmio 3D Gaming Laptop

These days, you’ll find some people who want to experience the joys of 3D viewing without wearing silly looking glasses. Toshiba has outed an interesting solution to meet your demands with its Qosmio F750 laptop.

Featuring the latest processing chips from Intel, a Core i7 processor and an Nvidia GeForce GT 540M graphics card, you can be sure to get in some 3D first-person-shooter gaming on this machine as well.

A 640GB hard drive complements well, but unfortunately the 5400 RPM speed is a little sluggish compared to more recent 7200 RPM speeds. The device is loaded with Windows 7 64-bit, giving you the opportunity to upgrade the RAM and have Windows read all of it.

With Bluetooth 3.0+, a multi-card reader, and harman kardon stereo speakers, you can be sure to get the best mobile experience in town, and one that is 3D.

Of course, with new technology, you usually have to pay a price, and with 3D tech, there is one extra thing to consider, visual strain. When viewing 3D images, it is advised to take a 15 minute break every hour or so or stop viewing 3D images if your eyes begin to hurt.

You can pick up this new laptop in August of this year, and be the first of your friends to own a 3D laptop.

Photo Courtesy of yume
Photo Courtesy of yume