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Twitter Acquires Social Startup, Backtype

Twitter announced today that it has acquired a San Francisco startup called Backtype. The company helps publishers measure the impact of their social media use, and although the deal is quite interesting, financial details were not mentioned.

Twitter states that the acquisition would help them create tools for their publishing partners. Fortunately for BackType, they will not have to relocate further than an in-city move, as both companies are based in San Francisco.

BackType announced the sale on their website and stated that their vision was always to keep customers well informed of the effects social media had on their respective businesses. I think it’s a nice and indirect way of showing respect to Twitter without posting anything obnoxious like, “We are THRILLED to join the Twitter team, blah, blah, blah.” as what you normally see when a startup gets swallowed by a giant.

That’s not to say, however, that the company did not acknowledge the joy of joining the social giant. BackType wrote, “Joining Twitter gives us the opportunity to bring insight to tens of millions of publishers around the world that are using Twitter to communicate and connect with their audience.”

I am pleased for both Twitter and BackType on the acquisition as I see this partnership causing nothing but good for the industry.

Photo Courtesy of teamsticker
Photo Courtesy of SEO