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Cisco Brings High Speed WiFi To Stadiums

Cisco has just announced a new WiFi access point and stadium antenna that covers smaller areas, perfect for use in arenas to give consumers improved access and wireless speeds. Research shows that although people don’t pull a lot of web data when they are, say, watching ‘the big game’, they transmit a heck of a lot of data to the outside world.

This says a lot about the needs of human interaction and remaining part of our social networks even when our friends cannot join us for a day out, watching the ball game.

The first to receive the new Cisco WiFi access point is the Livestrong Sporting Park in Kansas City, Kansas. Getting into the technology, the new WiFi access points operate on a dual-band, 2.5GHz and 5GHz frequency via an 802.11n.

The stadium antenna is just $945, which pays for itself in just one event if people pay a one-time 50 cent fee. Although Cisco has been supporting stadiums and arenas for the past two years, they aim to continue to bring fast speed connections to those attending the events.

I am happy to hear that game goers will not be left out in the dust (pun intended), when it comes to staying connected, and I know business will remain strong for Twitter.

Photo Courtesy of gtmc
Photo Courtesy of powru