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iPad Browsing, Is It As Effective As A PC?

Based on the study conducted by miratech.com,very interesting results were found. Though we know that the iPad is taking the place of PCs all over the globe, yet the average user finds browsing the internet hard with the iPad.

The study conducted by miratech included the testing of a representative sample of 20 users in their user testing labs. All of the users were familiar with the iPad.They were required to browse through the five well known French websites which had their own iPad apps.

After that, the users were tested on various criteria ranging from the ease of browsing on the PC and the iPad to the interaction with the iPad-optimized app.

The results showed that it is much easier to perform specific tasks on the computer. The users, when using the computer for browsing, made far less mistakes as compared to when they were using the iPad to achieve the same result. Furthermore, many users were reluctant to shop online as they thought the products available on the website were not all available on the iPad.

But on the other side,when users were not set specific tasks and were free to browse, it was found that they were much more fast and viewed more pages on the iPad-optimized app.

So, in the nutshell, the study done by miratech reveals that the computer is still preferred over the iPad for specific tasks like online shopping

The iPad on the other side, is a great tool for discovering content, as long as the specifically designed apps are used.

Photo Courtesy of FHKE
Photo Courtesy of MwaO