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The iPhone Mini, Starting At $200

After the many versions and models of the iPod, you couldn’t possibly ignore the possibility of an iPhone mini, could you? The iPhone mini is expected to be the perfect solution for those who want the joys of owning an Apple smartphone without being bound to a two year contract with the new device.

The new iPhone will have some serious changes, being half the size. As you can expect, its edge to edge screen is about half the size as a traditional iPhone 4 and there is no home button.

Another huge difference is that there will not be any room for flash memory on the new device, severely limiting the number of songs and videos you can store on your brand new handheld.

The iPhone mini will go on sale on July 11th (expected) and will only come in two models, the 4GB and the 8GB. Each phone will sport a 2MP camera to take modest phone shots, and neither device will support WiFi.

There is expected to also be a high end model due later in the year that will feature a 3.2MP camera, low-power 802.11n WiFi, HSDPA 7.2, and potentially more storage space, perhaps as much as 32GB of total storage.

Photo Courtesy of instablog
Photo Courtesy of giddy