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MacBook Air Gets 19nm NAND Flash Upgrade

If you’re one of the billions of Apple fans, you’ll be happy to hear that the new MacBook Airs are getting Toshiba 19nm NAND Flash memory chips. The news was spilled recently when Asian components manufacturers had revealed the flash memory chips will come in the new MacBook Air.

Thanks to shrinking technologies, the new 19nm process would would offer data transfer speeds as fast as 400MB per second, using a Toggle DDR2.0 interface. Toshiba, having recently unveiled multi-level cell memory, are seen as pioneers in the industry.

The current MacBook Airs utilize flash memory chips by Toshiba with a 24nm process. When you factor in design, and performance from the Intel Sandy Bridge processors, the upgrade to a 19nm Flash memory proves a powerful combination.

On top of all this speed, you get USB 3.0, one of the fastest ways to transfer large amounts of data, which is becoming an increasing necessity given the larger data needs of computer users.

Where computer users once talked solely in gigabytes, you now hear people throwing around the word ‘terabyte’ here and there. I anticipate it won’t be more than a decade before we start hearing about petabytes more often in everyday conversation. The fact is, with more storage, comes the need for increased speed.

Photo Courtesy of connorsmac
Photo Courtesy of janale1