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Program Your Camera To Shoot With A Clap

If you’re obsessed with your cameras, or even if you’re just an amateur photographer, there’s a new kickstarter project called Triggertrap (not pictured). As of now, it’s a small box concept, but it will be able to modify the way you take photos.

One technical way of modifying the way your camera takes photos is by having your camera triggered by a laser beam. When the beam is broken, the camera snaps. A more user-friendly way of modifying your shooting habits?

How about having your camera take a photo at the clap of your hand? The new contraption also supports time lapse photography. So how much fundraising does this project need to see the light of day? $25,000.

So far, the project has raised $29,553 with 24 days left to go. I think it’s safe to say that the project will have much more than it needs to see it through completion. The coolest thing about making a pledge, is that the more you pledge, the more stuff you get.

Not only are you supporting a brilliant idea come to life, but you will also get something out of it too. In the meantime, check out their page, here. See the video for more information!

Photo Courtesy of micro
Photo Courtesy of nao