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Shortmail: “Twitter For Email”

A new mail program called ‘Shortmail’, dubbed as “Twitter for e-mail”, will now scale down the communication overload by restricting messages to 500 characters.

The program also aims to make some conversations more public and therefore more social.

The Telegraph quoted the founder and entrepreneur Dave Troy as saying,“Shortmail is a new way to communicate. Yes, it’s length-limited to 500 characters. But it’s also social linked to your Twitter account. Over time, we want to make e-mail much more social and more efficient.”

The program is destined to deliver only those messages that are within the character limit and prompt users to shorten them before sending if they go beyond limit.

Shortmail not only uses Twitter handles to help people claim their addresses, but also gives them access to a website with a basic interface to contact other users. Messages can be delivered both privately and publicly, just like Twitter.

Shortmail is also available on iPhone and Android. Access is available through IMAP, POP3 and SMTP.

Shortmail features an incredibly stripped-down UI. In many ways, it’s the antithesis of Gmail. No bells and whistles, excessive buttons and options, drop-down menus, chat windows, hyperlinks, ads–just the bare minimum.

In more ways than one, 410 Labs is framing the service as the Twitter of email. But it also seems that it’s trying to be the email of Twitter. If you already have a Twitter account, then you already own a Shortmail address.

Photo Courtesy of Warm ‘n Fuzzy
Photo Courtesy of nsub1