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Sony Music Ireland Website Got Hacked

Sony Music Ireland said that its website was hacked Monday after three bogus news stories appeared on the homepage. It is the latest in a string of attacks on Sony dating back to the infiltration of its PlayStation and Qriocity networks in April.

One fake article at the Sony Music Ireland site had the headline “Tragedy Strikes The Script” and reported the death of two band members. Sony issued a statement that said the band members are indeed fine. The hackers also posted fake articles about Rebecca Black, R Kelly and “X Factor” contestants.

Sony Music Ireland has since commented saying that there is no substance to any of the stories published this morning. The site now redirects to Sony Music Ireland’s Facebook page, although Google cached versions of all stories are still accessible

A spokesman said that the company had no comment on today’s incidents, but said the stories that had appeared on the site were untrue.

Coincidentally, Sony announced on Monday that the Playstation network and the Qriocity network would be fully restored in Japan on Tuesday, July 6. In the last six weeks, Sony Music websites have also been attacked in Japan, Greece, Brazil and Portugal, according to various news reports.

It looks like Sony hasn’t learned the lesson from the incident that shook its network in April.
All we can hope for now is for this attack proving to be a wake up call for Sony.

Photo Courtesy of theshinjukueffect

Photo Courtesy of RedKoala1