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The Express Planner, Best Free Planning Tool On The Web

If you run on a busy schedule and are unable to find the time for planning your professional and personal life, we’ve got a free tool for you that can make your day-to-day life really smooth.

The Express Planner is a free project planning software which helps you to create an optimized plan for your projects and resources in a few minutes. It is one of the best free planning tools which you can use for creating projects,task groups,milestones and dependencies.

You can also associate calendars, impose date constraints and set your goals. A user can impose named resources to tasks and can set their intensity of use. With the Express Planner, you get a cool feature to enter the progress of your tasks for future reference.

Users get a great advantage in the form of automatic scheduling feature in the Express Planner. The unique automatic scheduling process calculates automatically the realistic start and end dates of tasks and projects, considering the availability of the user’s resources.

Express Planner generates several reports which can be printed in several formats including HTML, Excel, PowerPoint and many more.

This product from the PlanningForce is the best tool for organizing and managing your routine tasks. You can even put your tasks in a preference order so as to keep track of the work which is more important than the others.

This utility surely will help you in organizing and planning your life.

Photo Courtesy of planningforce.com
Photo Courtesy of planningforce.com