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World’s Smallest 4G LTE Router From Dovado

Dovado has announced the world’s smallest 4G LTE router. It’s called the Dovado Tiny and it’s so small you can fit it in a child’s pocket. The device is compatible with over 140 USB modems and offers data speeds as fast as 65Mbps.

The Dovado router has a USB port, a 100Mbps Ethernet LAN (Local Area Network) port and a WAN (Wireless Area Network) port. The Ethernet port is great when a wireless network isn’t available (such as in some hotel rooms). Just plug the ethernet into your pocket router and enjoy wireless Internet away from that desk tucked away in the corner of your hotel suite.

The device even has a Mobile Internet Auto-configuration solution that allows it to read SIM cards and configure network connections without any user input. You can purchase the router today at Swedish retail stores for about $100 US, not a bad deal when you consider the mobility of this thing.

Although, I can easily envision people using their ‘mini routers’ and having to throw down another $100 on a new one. But, if you have a safe place to store the mini router, you can always bypass those risks of losing the device.

Photo Courtesy of techiser
Photo Courtesy of infof