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BlueAnt Brings The Embrace To Audiophiles

BlueAnt, a company that produces Bluetooth-based headsets for mobile devices, is now offering the Embrace. The Embrace is your traditional pair of over-the-ear headphones with an integrated microphone and control mechanism that is designed to be used for all gadgets.

The Embrace is the first wired product of the company, which kind of makes you wonder if they are testing to see whether the sales are greater for wired products. Perhaps this scare comes from the incidence of tumors in relation to wireless products.

In any case, the cable is quite long, measuring approximately 70 inches and comes with a protective faux-leather case with a standard 3.5mm to 6.3mm. Okay, so maybe the cord is just for DJ’ing.

We anticipate the headphones to sell for $200 and have the following audio specs: : 20-20k hertz, 103dB sensitivity, 24 ohm impedance and a max power of 15mW. The headphones carry a 40mm driver, and has a folding design that folds flat.

I personally approve of the minimalist headphone design. I like the simplicity in headphones and if you take a close look at the ear cushions, they look extremely comfortable. I think ear comfort is one of the most important things in a headset when you’re wearing your ‘phones on for hours at a time.

Photo Courtesy of macNN
Photo Courtesy of macNN