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Facebook To Fail Google Plus With Skype Video Chat

Facebook’s video chat feature has finally been launched, revealing what many technology blogs had already predicted: video chat is now available on the service and is powered by the hugely popular Skype.

The bond between Skype and Facebook has grown stronger since Microsoft acquired Skype a month ago — not to mention that Microsoft has a small stake in Facebook.

We’ve seen countless examples of hate towards Google from Facebook, and personally I think it’s a shame they can’t be as open as we’d like.

Last year, Facebook closed down the ability for Gmail users to import contacts from Facebook — which was just the beginning of what would become a “social war”.

Now that Facebook users can video chat, it will be interesting to see if the hype around Google Plus’s Hangouts feature dies down among technology circles.

With nearly 750 million members, Facebook is in the luxurious position of being able to add any innovative new tool to its offering and instantly blow other competitors out of the water.

Now with the most popular video chat tool available via the most popular social network, Facebook users have even less reason to stray elsewhere when interacting with their friends online.

This partnership with Skype is the start of Facebook’s move from being just a single website to becoming the fabric which could potentially underpin all social interactions online. Google Plus has a long way to go.

Photo Courtesy of Rob Ketcherside
Photo Courtesy of Ryan Fanshaw Photography