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Google+ & NFC Pair For A Match Made In Heaven

I am sure by now we have all heard of the Google+ social service that has been all the hype recently. But now there is something that will bring your social sharing to a whole new level, and it involves NFC technology.

We’ve described near fields communications a number of times, but it’s basically how you can use your mobile device to pay for things through a contact-less ereader that may some day replace cash registers.

Since Android Gingerbread (the most recent smartphone version of the mobile OS) supports NFC, users will be able to share text from scanned NFC tags with people in their Google+ circles. But don’t forget, this doesn’t only apply to products people purchase, but it also includes advertisements with embedded NFC tags.

So the next time you see a funny advertisement, you can scan it, and share it with your friends. The brand or ad gets more views, your friends get more laughs, and you get more popular, sounds pretty great if you ask me!

Google is also launching an iOS app for its Mac friends but we probably won’t see it for the iPhone 4 since it does not support NFC just yet. The iPhone 5 however, will support NFC and it is expected sometime next year. See the video for a preview demonstration.

Photo Courtesy of dizzy
Photo Courtesy of tim