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Heavy Tablet Production Begins For Fall Season

This Fall, you can expect to see some heavy tablet production from all the major brand names. When you combine the high demand of both tablet PCs and iPads for this summer, you can only expect the demand to skyrocket during the Fall season, as kids go back to school and people begin to do some early Christmas shopping.

Sources state that around 15 million tablets are expected to ship by the end of summer, with an expected 21 million to ship later this year during the Fall season.

The big bread winners? Well, as you may have guessed, Apple is expected to take the cake for most iPad 2 sales, especially if the rumored iPad 2 HD is really set to launch.

The next biggest sellers are thought to be RIM (Research in Motion), Motorola, Acer, Asustek, Lenovo, and Samsung. Likewise, Amazon’s rumored tablet is expected to sell roughly 1 million devices in the Fall season.

I myself am waiting to see an Ice Cream sandwich Android tablet come on a blazing fast tablet. I expect to see such a device appear sometime in 2012, and this is the main reason why I have held off on purchasing a shiny new tablet.

It has been hard, but I try to forget about my gadget woes through first person shooter gaming, and it seems to have been a successful strategy.

Photo Courtesy of macNN
Photo Courtesy of apal