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Is Your Jailbroken iOS Device, Secure?

Many computer enthusiasts and geeks worldwide opt to jailbreak their devices as soon as they get them. Why? Let’s just say it allows you to do more with your new device. And while iOS5 will prevent new devices to be jailbroken, there are still millions of people who use older iPads and iPhones that were given the golden key to freedom.

However, a recently released code for the jailbreaking software could expose the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to malicious software, and all it takes is a single hack.

Hackers could easily reverse-engineer the code to identify security flaws in iOS and create malware based on the vulnerabilities. Fortunately, Apple is working on an update to fix the vulnerability, but until then, I would save your mobile banking for a time when you’re near a desktop PC.

The bottom line of course is to be careful when you’re using your device, or any computer for that matter, and watch what you click. Be especially cautious of e-mails that only contain an attachment without text.

It’s also a good idea to systematically change all your passwords every few months, and by all means, do not use a master password (a single password) for all your accounts. That’s how identity fraud happens so easily.

Photo Courtesy of yutaka
Photo Courtesy of yutaka