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Leak: Youtube’s New Interface

Okay, so it hasn’t exactly happened quite yet. But just as Google+ gets to be played with a select group of individuals, the same goes for the new YouTube interface. As a consumer, I have to admit YouTube has had many of my favorite but rarer than usual music artists.

While the television clips found on the platform definitely vary in quality, YouTube is definitely one website you want to search for when you’re looking to relive a favorite television moment.

The new interface was leaked by Joe Wilcox from betanews, and shows a clean looking YouTube experience with a very social-esque dark grey navigation bar up top. From there, it looks like uses can choose to select one of three tabs: Featured, Videos, and Community, as well as being able to play a queue.

Overall, the experience looks a lot less cluttered and more similar to its cousin video site, Vimeo. Although I think aesthetics are important in any website, we will see how the new interface will modify how long individuals decide to stay on the site.

Of course, this makeover comes around the same time that Google+ is launching, hinting that Google wants to get rid of its outdated feel. Even Gmail is getting a new look, and you can try it out under the themes section. In any case, I think the Google makeover is an appropriate way to kick off the first half of the new decade and I welcome the changes.

Photo Courtesy of betanews
Photo Courtesy of rego